Day 1

Introductions + Professional Mentors  

To kick off a launch, Orr Fellow volunteers introduce themselves, share a brief overview of the goals and mission of Launchpad, and provide the schedule for the week. Next, our professional mentor will share their entrepreneurship story and spend time answering the students' questions. A basic understanding of what entrepreneurship means is established on day one.

Day 2

Brainstorming + Project Work

The second day of the Launchpad curriculum is all about challenging students to identify problems in the world around them and come up with solutions to solve those problems. Launchpad volunteers introduce to the concept of design thinking, walk through a basic business plan, and student teams are formed. Each team is given time to work on their project ideas and brainstorm together.

Day 4

Pitch Day

On pitch day, each team has the opportunity to present their business or product idea in front of the class. Each presentation often includes time for questions from Orr Fellow volunteers as well as classmates and teachers. The final day is all about celebrating the students' hard work and ideas.

Day 3

Project Work

Day three is dedicated to working on projects. Teams will have the full time to continue developing their ideas, write their business plans, and put together their pitches for the next day. Orr Fellow volunteers assist and guide teams along the right path in order to be fully prepared to pitch their concepts.  


This schedule is just a sample! Launches can range from 3-5 days depending on classroom size and school need. The brainstorming, project work, and pitch day can all be expanded and/or condensed to meet needs. After you inquire about scheduling a launch, one of our school leads will work with you to determine the best length of time for your launch.