Hands-on Workshop on Entrepreneurship 

Launchpad introduces classrooms to the concept of entrepreneurship and provides a real-life example of someone who has started their own business. We walk the class through the brainstorming process, lay out the steps to create a business plan, and provide structured time for groups to develop their own ideas and present them to the class.


3-5 Days, Your Classroom Space

Our volunteers come ready to seamlessly integrate Launchpad into your unique space. Our program can run over the course of 3-5 days, for single class periods or longer blocks of time. We work with each school individually to find the best way to fit the Launchpad curriculum into the schedule.


Trained Professionals and Mentors

All Orr Fellow volunteers are trained and fully educated in presenting the Launchpad curriculum. They are equipped with classroom management best practices and expectations for successfully working with students.


Tangible, Real-World Takeaways 

Our Launchpad curriculum includes tangible takeaways such as:

  • Effective brainstorming techniques

  • Design thinking methodology

  • Experience with public speaking, teamwork, and communication

  • How to build a basic business plan